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Collaboration to boost Rhode Island jobs

Posted on September 1, 2015

A new collaboration is set to create and bolster Rhode Island jobs.

The state is collaborating with the Brookings Institute to get Rhode Islanders back to work. Brookings, with its strong track record in developing successful economic strategies in Buffalo, New York and Chicago, Illinois, among other places, will work to identify economic development initiatives that can benefit all Rhode Islanders, with a special focus on the state’s advanced industries.

The Brookings team-led by Senior Fellow and Policy Director Mark Muro and Vice President and Co-Director Bruce Katz- will identify Rhode Island’s best growth opportunities, assess the condition of its key economic drivers, highlight barriers that need to be overcome to strengthen these drivers, and propose strategies and action steps to move the state forward in a changing global economy.

The Brookings research team will seek input from a wide array of Rhode Island stakeholders, including large and small Rhode Island businesses, the Executive Office of Commerce, and other government entities, educational and research institutions, philanthropies, and nonprofits. In addition, Brookings will engage experienced research partners and conduct intensive industry analysis, 50-state benchmarking, and extensive strategy research.

“Our mission is to get Rhode Islanders back to work,” Raimondo said. “Every day I am focused on implementing all the best tools to jumpstart our economy and grow jobs. The jobs plan passed in June is a strong start, but we can’t stop there.” Commerce Secretary Stefan Pryor, who is spearheading the Brookings collaboration for the State, said, “Given the recent passage of our jobs plan, we are looking forward to working with Brookings to determine how best to target our new tools. In addition, we aim to develop a high-impact strategy that builds upon Rhode Island’s strengths and advances our economy.”

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