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Company Creates Assessments for Jobs in Rhode Island

Posted on August 5, 2010

Leading Women has created a multi-rater assessment for all individuals applying for jobs in Rhode Island.

Formerly offered only to participants in Leading Women leadership training programs, the Leading Women Leadership Assessment is described by a Fortune 500 chief executive officer as “the most comprehensive assessment available.”

“Leadership is a set of skills that, like all skills, can be developed,” said Susan Colantuono, founder and chief executive officer of Leading Women. ”With this crucial assessment, leaders can pinpoint and enhance strengths while identifying and overcoming weaknesses.”  

The Leading Women Leadership Assessment is the only evaluation that provides feedback balanced among three primary leadership responsibilities: leading for outcomes, engaging and aligning others, and personal excellence. Feedback from the assessment ensures that leaders are viewed as possessing the full complement of “corner office” skills – or learn areas for improvement.

The assessment features sixty-three items in nine categories of leadership competence and performance. Based on decades of research, it covers areas where women are repeatedly rated as underperforming men. Suitable for both men and women, the Leading Women assessment is the first to provide the data women need to position themselves for the executive suite.

The assessment includes:

    •     a printable, portable report
    •     a copy of No Ceiling, No Walls for action planning
    •     a 1-hour coaching session to debrief the results and develop an action plan
    •     a 1-hour follow-up on progress.

For Leading Women Gold Members, the assessment is $495. For non-members, the cost is $635. Team and group pricing is available.

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