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Company scrubs out other sales jobs in Rhode Island

Posted on June 26, 2011

With its successful new product, one company is cleaning out the competition and overshadowing other sales jobs in Rhode Island.

This is good news for area residents, as the state continues to be plagued by high Rhode Island unemployment.
SRS has added a new milestone with the launch of one of its products named as the NSS Champ ZS35 scrubber drier. People have already loved the earlier version known as the NSS Champ ZS29. However, this new scrubber drier is an enhancement to its earlier version. It is specifically better for cleaning larger floors.

SRS has already made its mark in the field hiring, selling and maintaining cleaning equipment. They have been the main UK Distributor for various types of NSS commercial and industrial scrubber driers and other floor cleaning equipment. This new scrubber drier is more advanced than products in the same category.

The NSS Champ ZS35- is a perfect Ride-On Scrubber Drier, especially for cleaning larger floors. It is similar in reliability to its previous version, but with more accurate and wider cleaning area. Its productivity is second to none. The main reason that this being called an improved version is that NSS Champ ZS35 scrubber dryer has a better and more advanced vacuum motor and brush for cleaning. This makes it more suitable for cleaning large open spaces like shopping centres, department stores, metro station platforms, airport terminals, superstores, hospitals, and various other industrial areas. It is even ideal for diamond polishing.

Here are few of the specifications that make the NSS Champ ZS35 scrubber dryer unique and one of the most used products in the market. Firstly, it meets all the ECA Scheme requirements, it has a 35” scrub path that cleans with the rate of 46,375 square feet per hour, it can turn 90 degrees in both directions with the help of its 70″ Turning Radius Front Wheel. It has a 30 percent better run time when compared to other machines because of its 36V Electrical System and a 20 percent greater wet vacuuming power in comparison to other machines in the market because of its 60″ of Water Lift. It has a Rotocast Polyethylene Body & Tanks that are very durable in electronic control system, 32 gallon recovery tank and 29 gallon solution tank.

SRS has made sure that this product works as per the needs of each individual client. They have been supplying NSS Champ ZS35 scrubber dryerÂ’s throughout the UK, since its launch SRS sell/hire new as well as refurbished machines. In fact you can purchase or opt for hiring if the requirement is for short-term. However, you can also take the option of long-term hiring with the additional option of Flexi Hire. SRS has the capability and resource to deliver maintenance onsite within 24 hours. There are various maintenance and support packages available from SRS.

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