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Consumers Need to Question Before Hiring for Labor Jobs in Rhode Island

Posted on October 27, 2010

An insulation company is issuing a caution to consumers to consider a variety of questions before hiring for labor jobs in Rhode Island.

Moonworks, a home improvement company based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, wants all New England homeowners to save money this winter by insulating their homes.  If it is installed by December 31, 2010, your purchase can qualify for the 2010 tax credit, saving you 30%.  A comprehensive breakdown of the tax credits can be found in their free white paper Home Improvement Tax Credits Explained.
Attic insulation is the most crucial home improvement project because an under insulated attic can account for up to 40% of your home’s heat loss!  Investing in insulation for your home is smart because it pays for itself in the money saved in your home’s utilities.  As a consumer, Moonworks feels you should be informed so you can choose the best product for your budget, family and home.  In a time when money is tight, Moonworks wanted to make the insulation process as painless as possible by introducing their insulation blog series.

The insulation blog series details out the difference between fiberglass and cellulose insulation along with other green insulation options, and weighs the pros and cons of each.  It also explains the industry terms that are directly related to the energy efficiency of the insulation such as, R-Value, settling, and weight, in addition to hiring the right contractor.

The blog series can be read individually by topic: Insulation- The Basics, Fiberglass vs. Cellulose, Why Should I Insulate My Home? and Choosing an Installer or you can read the entire 4 part insulation series.
If you are interested in a free insulation estimate, Moonworks can provide you with a no-obligation quote.

**Please consult your tax advisor and review all IRS guidelines.

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