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GE creates Rhode Island tech jobs

Posted on July 5, 2016

GE is busy creating Rhode Island tech jobs.

The company plans to bring new, advanced industry jobs to Rhode Island with the opening of a GE Digital information technology center. The new Providence-based office will be responsible for developing new software applications and driving innovation in High Performance Computing.

“Our top priority is putting people back to work, so I’m thrilled that GE Digital is planning to bring hundreds of new high-paying jobs to Rhode Island over the next several years,” said Raimondo. “This will create a meaningful opportunity for hundreds of Rhode Island families, and it was made possible by working together with the Speaker, Senate President, the Congressional delegation, and the business community.”

“We needed a place that had a strong tech talent pipeline, top-tier university partnership opportunities and great quality of life. With its unique location along the northeast corridor, Rhode Island gives us access to many of the assets we need for success,” said Chris Drumgoole, vice president and chief technology officer. “It has been a pleasure collaborating with Governor Raimondo, Secretary Pryor and their team to make this new office possible.”

GE, a global company with over 300,000 employees and $115 billion in revenue, envisions that the new Rhode Island unit will advance the company’s digital and Industrial Internet platforms. The unit of GE will employ a range of professionals from experienced engineers and data scientists to young professionals with backgrounds in data, design, and IT.

GE intends to apply for incentives under the Qualified Jobs Incentive Act and the First Wave Closing Fund. GE anticipates the Rhode Island center to employ 100 people in the near term, with the aim of expanding its presence over the next several years.

“This is great news for the state. GE is a world-class Fortune 500 company and Governor Raimondo has been working very hard to let companies of all sizes know that Rhode Island is a great place to do business. I was glad to work closely with her to successfully make the case to GE about the benefits of opening its new IT operation to Rhode Island. Providence is a creative and dynamic city and we have a lot of tech talent here already, but we need to continue making investments to build a strong pipeline of high-tech workers, as well as the infrastructure to attract more businesses. That is one of the reasons I worked so hard to secure funding to lengthen the runway at TF Green Airport — it makes it easier for more long distance and international flights, and that makes Rhode Island a more compelling place for businesses who want to set up shop here,” said U.S. Senator Jack Reed.

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