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How much does it cost to get to Rhode Island jobs?

Posted on July 4, 2016

Acccording to a new Careerbuilder survey, it may cost an arm and a leg to get to Rhode Island jobs.

According to the survey, the average amount of money people spend to go to work each month is $276, or around $3,300 per year. Similarly, when it comes to searching for a new job, beyond dedication and determination, for many finding a new position requires a financial investment. 1 in 5 workers (19 percent) said it cost them money just to find a job. Of these workers, (27 percent) said it cost them $200 or more.

Breaking Down Every Day Expenses


The majority of workers (84 percent) typically commute to work by driving. Thirty-seven percent of these employees spend $25 or more a week on gas, while the majority (63 percent) spend less than $25 on gas a week:

Less than $10: 17 percent

$10 to less than $25: 47 percent

$25 to less than $50: 30 percent

$50 or more: 7 percent

Public Transportation

Of those that take public transportation (7 percent), nearly half (47 percent) spend $25 or more on fare per week:

Less than $10: 19 percent

$10 to less than $25: 34 percent

$25 to less than $50: 33 percent

$50 or more: 14 percent


While most workers (72 percent) say they bring their lunch to work, half of employees that buy their lunch (50 percent) spend $25 or more on it a week:

Less than $10: 19 percent

$10 to less than $25: 31 percent

$25 to less than $50: 37 percent

$50 or more 13 percent


Among working parents with children 18 years old and younger living at home with them, 29 percent say they spend money on daycare per month. Of these working parents who spend money on daycare, more than 1 in 3 (36 percent) spend $500 or more per month on daycare:

Less than $250: 31 percent

$250 to $499: 32 percent

$500 to less than $1,000: 26 percent

$1,000 or more: 10 percent

Pet Care

Fifty-eight percent of workers say they have a pet. Of these, more than half spend less than $10 per week on pet care:

Less than $10: 52 percent

$10 to less than $25: 33 percent

$25 to less than $50: 12 percent

$50 or more: 3 percent

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