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Jobs Now Program Creates Jobs in Rhode Island

Posted on July 8, 2010

Jobs Now RI, an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act program, has been enacted with encouraging results due to the creation of many new jobs in Rhode Island.

Jobs Now Rhode Island is a jobs creation program that will, for a limited time, reimburse business 100 percent of wages for qualifying hires. The program was created in an attemp to spur on the creation of new jobs.

The program is effective through 2010 and has seen positive results so far. Both Capco Steel and Edesia, a startup company in Rhode Island, have applied and received workers through the act.

Jobs Now Rhode Island is ideal for businesses preparing to expand their workforce, because it gives employers the opportunity to evaluate and train workers before committing to long-term hires. Companies that retain the Jobs Now workers beyond the duration of the program may qualify for additional tax credits. Jobs Now Rhode Island is also well suited for businesses desiring temporary and/or seasonal help.

Jobs Now Rhode Island hiring cannot be used to reinstate or replace recently laid-off workers.

  1. All individuals hired under Jobs Now Rhode Island shall be hired as regular members of the Employer’s work force and are subject to the same conditions of employment as the Employer’s other regular employees, including periodic wage increases for performance or termination for unsatisfactory performance. Other conditions of employment include the following:
  2. The Employee is on the Employer’s regular payroll.
  3. The Employee receives the same benefits as the employees on the EmployerÂ’s regular payroll performing similar work.
  4. The Employee receives the same starting wage and other wage increases as other employees performing similar work.
  5. If Employee is performing work not being performed by other employees, Employer will pay a starting wage consistent with the local labor market.
  6. The Employee is provided special clothing or equipment if such is provided to the EmployerÂ’s regular employees performing similar work.
  7. The Employee is provided supervision and training in the occupation for which the individual is hired in order to obtain transferable skills.

Jobs Now Rhode Island can connect eligible Rhode Islanders with full-time, available employment in their field of expertise. While these jobs are funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through September 2010, many employers may choose to retain their Jobs Now employees as longer-term hires.

Eligible job seekers must be Rhode Island residents who earn an income at or below 225 percent of the federal poverty level.

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