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Manufacturing jobs in Rhode Island grow

Posted on May 3, 2016

The number of manufacturing jobs in Rhode Island are climbing, according to recent employment statistics.

Employment in Rhode Island totaled 490,900 in March, reflecting a gain of 2,700 jobs from the February estimate of 488,200. Through the first quarter of 2016, a total of 2,400 jobs were added to the local economy. In comparison, jobs were down by 700 during the same period in 2015. Over the year, employment is up 8,800 jobs.

The Accommodation & Food Services sector added 900 jobs in March, partially due to preparation for Providence’s designation as a regional host for the NCAA college basketball tournament. Thousands of college basketball fans from across the country converged upon the capital city in March, occupying local hotels and restaurants.

The Professional & Business Services sector continues to serve as a bright spot in the state’s economy, adding 800 jobs since February. This sector added 2,000 jobs through the first three months of 2016, and the number of jobs within this sector are up 3,400 from March 2015.

The Manufacturing sector added 500 jobs in March, highlighted by job growth reported in the non-durable component of manufacturing. The number of Manufacturing jobs are up 800 from a year ago. Employment in the Other Services sector rose by 500 in March as the sector recouped the 400 jobs lost in February.

Jobs were up in the Financial Activities (+300) and Arts, Entertainment & Recreation (+200) sectors, while employment remained unchanged in the Information, Health Care & Social Assistance, Transportation & Utilities and Wholesale Trade sectors. Employment in Financial Activities is up 900 as compared to a year ago, employment in the Arts, Entertainment & Recreation (+400) and Information (+100) sectors is also up over the year.

Five employment sectors reported minimal job losses in March with each sector reporting a loss of 100 jobs. Those sectors include: Construction, Educational Services, Government, Mining & Logging and Retail Trade. Over the year, employment in the Construction and Retail Trade sectors was up 2,200 and 100, respectively, while employment in the Educational Services (-800) and Government (-400) sectors was down from March 2015.

Employment in the Health Care & Social Assistance and Mining & Logging sectors were unchanged from a year ago.

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