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New program to help jobs in Rhode Island

Posted on September 9, 2015

The governor of the state is increasing efforts to protect Rhode Island workers against employers who violate labor laws, including underpaying wages, which will help increase jobs in Rhode Island.

The Governor’s four-point action plan includes:

1. Using existing funding to create a new Workplace Fraud Unit to focus DLT’s efforts on dishonest companies

2. Coordinating state agency efforts and pooling resources to conduct investigations and bring enforcement actions with maximum impact

3. Enforcing worker protection laws to the fullest extent and spotlighting businesses that cheat

4. Fostering compliance with the law through employer outreach and education

When employers misclassify employees as independent contractors, they harm workers, hurt other companies that play by the rules, and cheat taxpayers. By misclassifying workers, companies:

• Deny employees access to critical benefits such as Unemployment Insurance (UI), workers’ compensation insurance, overtime pay, and family and medical leave;

• Hurt law-abiding employers who play by the rules but are unfairly under-bid for work; and

• Cheat taxpayers by lowering tax revenues and robbing UI and workers’ compensation funds of much-needed dollars.

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