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Retail jobs in Rhode Island grow

Posted on May 3, 2016

The number of retail jobs in Rhode Island are climbing, according to a recent statistics.

Employment in Rhode Island totaled 488,200 in February, reflecting a gain of 300 jobs from the January estimate of 487,900. Over the past three months, Rhode Island has averaged a gain of 300 jobs. Over the year, employment is up 7,400 jobs.

Employment in Educational Services rebounded in February, adding 1,600 jobs following the 1,100 job loss posted in January. Over the year, employment in Educational Services is down 300.

Retail Trade added 500 jobs in February, the first reported job gain within this sector since September 2015. Over the year, the number of jobs in the Retail Trade sector is up by 400.

The Health Care & Social Assistance and Mining & Logging sectors each added 100 jobs in February. Employment in Health Care & Social Assistance is up 300 from a year ago, while Mining & Logging employment is up by 100 jobs.

The Manufacturing, Transportation & Utilities and Other Services sectors each reported a loss of 400 jobs in February. This is the first time that the Manufacturing sector reported a job loss during the past eight months, dating back to June 2015. It’s also been 12 months since a job loss was reported in the Other Services sector. Employment in each of these three sectors is up 100 from February 2015.

Employment in Accommodation & Food Services is down 300 since January, marking three consecutive months of job losses, totaling 600 jobs. However, employment in Accommodation & Food Services is up 1,200 over the year. Government employment fell by 200 in February and is down 500 over the year.

A loss of 100 jobs was reported in the Professional & Business Services, Financial Activities and Information sectors. Employment in Professional & Business Services and Financial Activities is up 3,200 and 600, respectively, from a year ago, while the number of jobs in the Information sector is up 100.

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