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Rhode Island Government Jobs Available

Posted on December 30, 2008

Some Rhode Island government jobs will soon be filled.

The State of Rhode Island recently announced its plan to fill 92 positions with the state government. The Department of Administration currently has 169 vacancies that were created by several retirements this year, according to an article by The Providence Journal.

The state has seen several departments lose staff members, including the Department of Health, which has since complained it can’t perform critical public health functions. The state’s department that analyzes food, drinking water, wastewater and air for toxic environmental contaminants.

“As a result, customers are receiving delayed test results,” the article notes. “The scope of food testing services no longer supports routine surveillance or fraud investigations and we are exploring outside agency options for testing when the public health is threatened.”

It is unknown how many of the open positions will be filled by the health department. However, a committee has approved many Department of Administration hires, including carpenters, janitors, systems administrators, technicians, an associate director for central services, a chief employee-relations officer and five deputy sheriffs.

But a “steering committee” — meeting outside the public view — has approved the hiring of dozens of new Department of Administration staff, including carpenters, janitors, more than two dozen “systems administrators” and “technicians,” a new associate director for central services, a new chief employee-relations officer and five deputy sheriffs.

Rhode Island’s government industry saw a total employment of 62,100 workers during November 2008, according to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is the same as October’s employment and a decrease of 3.6 percent from last year.

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