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Rhode Island Jobs Focus on Green

Posted on October 9, 2008

Rhode Island jobs are turning green.

Organizations across the country recently held more than 650 events as part of the National Day of Action, stressing the importance of creating green jobs, according to an article by the Providence Journal. Rhode Island held an event at the New England Institute of Technology focused on solar energy, educating young workers on green technology and policy initiatives.

“We want to educate people and get people thinking and talking to each other and start working together toward the greening of Rhode Island’s economy,” Greg Gerritt, founder of the Rhode Island Prosperity Project, said in the article. “People need workers. They need educated workers. We have to think about the big picture.”

A green job is usually a job in the building construction industry that uses practices to reduce energy consumption and the use of fossil fuels. This includes laborers who install solar panels, construction workers who use techniques that reduce their carbon footprint and builders who use technology aimed at reducing a building’s energy consumption.

Rhode Island is already taking baby steps toward encouraging green jobs. Governor Last week the state selected the company to build and operate wind turbines off the Rhode Island coast, which will supply 15 percent of the state’s electricity.

Also, at New England Tech, students are learning how to repair cars that have been converted to compressed natural gas,and are studying other green areas, including engineering and construction that use green technology.

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