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State creates Rhode Island jobs

Posted on February 9, 2016

A new jobs plan is helping create Rhode Island jobs.

Rhode Island created more than 8,000 jobs last year, the most created in a single year since 2000, and our unemployment rate fell more than any other state in the nation. The Governor’s proposal seeks to build on that progress by making significant investments in growth to build a new economy where everyone can “make it in Rhode Island.”

For the second year, the Governor proposed a balanced budget that:

• includes no broad-based tax increases;

• invests in strengthening neighborhood schools and in building skills that matter;

• makes it cheaper and easier to do business in order to attract new businesses and help our existing businesses grow;

• makes work pay for Rhode Island families;

• protects the health and safety of our residents;

• and modernizes government.

Highlights of the Jobs Plan:

Skills That Matter

• Strengthens neighborhood schools by investing record resources to support students and teachers

• Reforms the school funding formula to bolster all public schools

• Funds free PSATs and SATs for public high school students

• Expands P-TECH so more students can earn associate degrees in competitive fields

• Makes college more affordable by freezing college tuition with record investments at URI, RIC and CCRI and continuing need-based Rhode Island’s Promise scholarships

• Invests in workforce development initiatives, like Real Jobs RI and TechHire, to train Rhode Islanders for well-paying 21st century jobs

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