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Workplace flexibility important to those with Rhode Island jobs

Posted on January 2, 2014

Workplace flexibility is a major influence on those who want Rhode Island jobs, according to a recent survey from Monster.com.

As such, companies are upping the ante and offering unique and non-traditional employee benefits.

Work schedule flexibility is the most desirable soft (non-financial) benefit by a wide margin for job seekers (50%+).

The next most popular benefit is personal time off/vacation carry-over. Less attractive options include: childcare availability, education reimbursement, and employee parties/social activities.

• 69% of respondents selected: flexible work schedule/work life balance

• 17% of respondents selected: personal time off/vacation carry over

• 8% of respondents selected: education reimbursement

• 4% of respondents selected: childcare availability

• 2% of respondents selected: employee parties/social activities

“Even the most dedicated employees value a healthy work/life balance,” said Mary Ellen Slayter, Career Advice Expert for Monster.com. “These findings show that flexibility and free time are more important than some of the other, often novel benefits. It’s important to understand the flexibility your company, or a prospective employer currently allows, and to explore options that could improve flexible work options. Additionally, some industries and job functions are better positioned to exploit this type of benefit than others. Every employee situation is different, but it appears most will appreciate this approach to their benefits package.”

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