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Capco Steel Adds Manufacturing Jobs in Rhode Island

Posted on June 22, 2010

Capco Steel is hiring for manufacturing jobs in Rhode Island under the new Jobs Now Rhode Island program.

The company has already hired 14 workers and plans on adding 20 to 30 more. The mayor of Providence met with the new workers to congratulate them.

Jobs Now Rhode Island is a $46 million state program that reimburses companies who hire local workers. Capco Steel is taking advantage of the incentives.

The program expires in September.

According to ProJo.com, so far, 156 job seekers and 86 businesses have signed up for Jobs Now Rhode Island, which uses federal dollars allocated to the state under the economic stimulus plan to pay for new hires.

The mayor is optimistic that about 500 more employees will be hired under the program before the expiration date.

For employers to qualify, they must agree to pay new hires the same wages and benefits as employees working similar jobs and pay applicable payroll taxes. They cannot use the federal subsidy to fill recently laid-off positions.

For job seekers to qualify, they have to be Rhode Island residents, have at least one child under the age of 18, and a family income equal to or less than 225 percent of the federal poverty level for the 30 days preceding enrollment in the program.

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